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What are benefits of working with Parcat?
The use of technology that exchanges black colour during preparation of different language versions of a catalogue will help you reduce the cost of its printing, even by 30%. All translations are made quickly and with highest quality, and its cost is reduced to a minimum.
Preparation of a catalogue as well as materials to be posted on a Website has never been so easy. You will be able to prepare your catalogue for print-out in several hours. You will be able to add new items to your offer, which will be visible on the Internet in just a few minutes!
The way the system allows you to describe products makes your offer better organized and clear. Your customer will be able to find the product they are looking for in the catalogue or on the Website much quicker and easier.
It is irrelevant what assortment you have. Parcat will help you describe any article that you wish to introduce to your range of products. You declare the parameters that you will use - now you have unlimited possibilities!
PARCAT is equipped with complex solutions allowing the translation of the data into any language. The data is transferred to a translator in a manner that enables correct and unambiguous understanding of the translated material. Now you can present your products in the international market.
Brochures, instructions, short descriptions, labels – all of these can be easily prepared thanks to our system by using any graphical template.

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